What is in my sis?

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 30, 2008

Ever wondered what is in the sis file you are currently debugging? Which certificate was used to sign it? Does it have the right capabilities?

Now there is a simple and easy way to answer the question “What is in my sis?”. Just go to whatisinmysis.com a free online service I put together.

whatisinmysis.com will display you the following information:

  1. Content with installation directory
  2. Capabilities of each executable (exe, dll, .pyd)
  3. Certificate chain

Try it out and send me a mail with your thoughts.

Updated Projects

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 08, 2008

I updated the project page and added new projects. All my recent most noteable projects are now online. In the future I will add more of my projects as they come along. So stay tuned ;)

Switched to Wordpress

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 01, 2008

SynthaSite turned out to be too annoying for me after I switched to my own web space. It was to much of a hazard to change my site with their tool, then download it, upload it onto my web space and make some manual changes. So I ditched them and installed Wordpress. Using a real weblog tool will also allow me to post more often. At least I hope so ;) .

Domain active

Posted by Stefan Damm on September 02, 2008

I moved to a new webspace and got myself a new domain. From now on you can find me on www.stefandamm.com.

Hello Internet

Posted by Stefan Damm on July 16, 2008

This is my first front page posting. So what should I tell you. hmmm …. maybe what all the new web pages are telling us. This is beta, use at your own risk and I will not take any responsibilities for damage caused by this page. This might include but is not limited to broken monitors, bricked phones and hard drive crashes. ;)