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What is in my sis?

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 30, 2008
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Ever wondered what is in the sis file you are currently debugging? Which certificate was used to sign it? Does it have the right capabilities?

Now there is a simple and easy way to answer the question “What is in my sis?”. Just go to a free online service I put together. will display you the following information:

  1. Content with installation directory
  2. Capabilities of each executable (exe, dll, .pyd)
  3. Certificate chain

Try it out and send me a mail with your thoughts.

Updated Projects

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 08, 2008
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I updated the project page and added new projects. All my recent most noteable projects are now online. In the future I will add more of my projects as they come along. So stay tuned ;)

Switched to Wordpress

Posted by Stefan Damm on October 01, 2008
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SynthaSite turned out to be too annoying for me after I switched to my own web space. It was to much of a hazard to change my site with their tool, then download it, upload it onto my web space and make some manual changes. So I ditched them and installed Wordpress. Using a real weblog tool will also allow me to post more often. At least I hope so ;) .